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Cuban Salsa & Kizomba/Urban Kiz

Hi, Welcome to Free to Move Dance School where we teach Cuban Salsa and Kizomba/Urban Kiz classes as well as organize social events and host workshops. I am Brigitte Aucoin, a passionate dancer, teacher, performer, event organizer & educator for Latin, Afro-Latin & African social dance for the last 14 years.

Why take classes with me? I am passionate, dedicated, experienced and constantly learning and growing, including training with several world renowned teachers. But perhaps most of all because I started dance as an adult, which means that I can relate with beginners, and I can break things down. My classes are structured in a way to give students a strong foundation that enables them to understand the dance and over time become their own dancer, finding their own style, musicality, moves and the ability to improvise. It’s always a good time to try something new or something you have been curious about. Join us for some fun classes!

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Message for New Students

Dance is an amazing and wonderful hobby. But it’s also a skill that requires practice. Everyone is different and will have a different journey, but everyone can learn. My classes cater to all dance levels and abilities. I believe that you can learn how to dance and no, you are never too old, too uncoordinated, too shy to learn if you want to and are ready to put some effort into learning, and if a teacher has told you other wise, they were just not the right teacher for you.

Yes Salsa and Kizomba are fun social dances, but they are also a skill and are so much more fun to dance when you have taken the time to learn. I often compare learning a partnered dance to learning a new language, it’s probably not going to happen over night, but if you invest in yourself and give yourself some time and keep at it, I assure you that you can learn. So if you have been dreaming of learning, that are you waiting for?
Cancelations/Changes to Regular Schedule & Latest News
COVID-19 Update for Free to Move

Hi everyone, I have been looking at the development of the COVID-19. The main reason I have not sent out anything yet is because I have been really busy. Since these times are a bit grim, I will share some personal good news. Me and my boyfriend are in the process of buying two houses in the Spryfield area, one to move into together with his son and make it a home, and the other a 2 unit fixer upper that we plan to fix up and rent out. I’m really excited about it as for me it’s the first time I will own a property. So, in many ways my life is going really good and I am excited about the future.

However, as people have made it clear that they will not be attending classes for the moment due to the COVID-19 situation, I am taking the hard decision to cancel regular Free to Move classes until April 15 (I will make a decision on the date as things progress, but as of now that is the plan)  I will also cancel all socials ans practices. (As a side note the studio will stay open as long as I’m allowed to, most group classes are cancelled, but I also have a lots of rentals for privates and solo rehearsals, which for the most part will keep happening for the moment) I hope everyone takes this time of isolation to reflect on life, find peace, grow in who they are and do things they love. I hope there is lots of living room dancing happening! This whole situation reminded me of this Beatles song, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FflL0MpEmE All you need is love is such a great lesson, and I hope people remember that in this time of crisis and realize that fear will only grow the problems. 

However, I will host a special drop-in class for Kizomba on Wednesdays from 8 to 9:30pm for the people still interested (this will keep going for as long as I am allowed to, and if not I will switch to a purely online class). It will be an all levels class and we will mostly do solo work on technique (from walking to musicality to styling) and exercises with no physical connection like the bluetooth or with one point connection. I am planning to do a recap of every class and post it online for people who still want to learn but are not able to attend. The class will be $10 drop-in and the recap will be free online, with a link for donations for people who would like to give something back. (details will come as as I get this organized)

At this point it is hard to say how long this will last, I will concentrate on moving into my new house for the moment, starting renovations and keeping the Wednesday class going, (as I just can’t see myself not teaching at all, even if it’s just online). As for the studio, my ability to keep it open will depend on how long this all lasts. I will also be taking on extra non-dance work to cover the studio expenses for now.

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who has supported me in any way during the last 9 years I have been teaching in Halifax. I have loved to see the Cuban Salsa and Kizomba scenes be born and grow and see people enjoying dancing these styles that are close to my heart. Everything I have been able to do has been because of your support and your dedication to learn, without you I would just be dancing by myself. You have allowed part of my income to come from teaching dance, which has given me the ability to only work part time, which I am grateful for. Through teaching I have learned so much and have improved so much as a dancer, teacher and person.

I will post updates as the situation unfolds. I will health to everyone.



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Free to Move Dance Schools is located at Happy Soul Dance Studios, 3089 Oxford st, Halifax NS (above the Westcliff Diner, entrance door on the side of the building on Bayers rd) info@freetomove.ca, 902-471-654

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

The classes here are great! Brigitte and her co-teachers break down every step, and teach the meaning behind them. There is lots of one on one attention so no one is left behind, even in a full group class. The studio is welcoming and Brigitte has created a wonderful community there. I would recommend Free to Move and Happy Soul to anyone and especially those with no prior dance experience (like me). It’s a really fun way to learn, excellent value for money spent and so many opportunities to practice and improve through socials and other events.

Alicia Stacey

We’ve taken classes here before and absolutely love it!!! The teachers are great! We went knowing nothing about salsa but they were patient and took the time to make sure everyone in class was able to keep up! Can’t wait to go again!We’ve taken classes here before and absolutely love it!!! The teachers are great! We went knowing nothing about salsa but they were patient and took the time to make sure everyone in class was able to keep up! Can’t wait to go again!

Christine Babineau