Cuban Salsa (Casino), Rueda de Casino, Kizomba & Urban Kiz Classes in Halifax

Brigitte Aucoin, owner of Free to Move Dance School & Happy Soul Dance Studios has a love and passion for Latin, African freestyle social dances & community. 


Brigitte started dancing as an adult 14 years ago and had been teaching for the last 8 years. Making a living teaching dance, especially with a later start, is already not ordinary. But her life story is a pretty incredible story of resilience and faith that has shapes who she is today. She hopes it will inspire people to believe in miracles and inspire people to pursue their dreams while letting go of excuses. She has had to re-learn most of her dance skills twice, once healing her body from scoliosis, a 2nd time not only surviving but healing from a mayor car accident with an 18-wheeler truck. It has been as much a physical journey as a spiritual and inner journey to more love, peace, happiness and health.


She has continued to study many styles of dance, especially Cuban Salsa and Kizomba and many other traditional dances from those cultures, as well as, Bachata, Argentine Tango, ballet, popping… every change she gets she learns, including with international teachers like: Laurent Yishu, St’effy & Val’r, Arnold & Josy, Mestre Petchu, Afro-Latin Connection, Mandela…


She is known for her excellent teaching skills and for being an advocate for equal rights and respect in social dance scenes, including doing researching and promoting co-creativity and degendered social dancing.


Brigitte is also involved in the Halifax dance community, having worked for Live Art Dance, Dance Nova Scotia and teaching Latin/Acadian dance in schools, and opening a community dance studio.