Cuban Salsa (Casino), Rueda de Casino, Kizomba & Urban Kiz Classes in Halifax


Scroll down for class descriptions! Click here to check out the schedule for current classes For prices click here. Location: Happy Soul Dance Studios, 3089 Oxford St, 2nd floor, Halifax, NS, (Entrance is on the side of the building on Bayers Rd.) We have new sessions starting every 6 weeks!

What are Bachata and Merengue?


IMG_3490Bachata and Merengue are 2 dances from the Dominican Republic that are danced all over the world today, they are often companion dances to Salsa at Salsa socials. DJs use them as slow songs to give people a break from the high energy salsa. But they are great dances to learn too. Bachata has two main types of music a faster tempo which is usually called Dominican Bachata and is mostly footwork and a slower pace usually called Bachata romantica which is more about connection and body movements. But are fun and in this class we will give you the basics that will get you ready to dance either style. Merengue is one of the easiest dances to learn and is great for beginners. 


Bachata/Merengue Fundamentals 1

These session will introduce you to the wonderful world of Bachata and Merengue Dominican dances. Giving you the skills you need to do your first steps on the dance floor. You will learn the Bachata and Merengue basic steps (which are the foundation to any good Bachata/Merengue dancer), as well as basic turn patterns and how to incorporate body movement and put in some flavour! You will also learn Basic Leading/Following technique. And of course we will teach you about the rhythm, body movement, musicality, feeling and much more!


Please note: As this is a new offering, we only have one level at the moment, but we will probably offer higher levels in the future.



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