Cuban Salsa (Casino), Rueda de Casino, Kizomba & Urban Kiz Classes in Halifax


We accept payments in Cash, cheques payable to Free to Move and by email transfer to 

Types of MembershipsPriceStudent Price  
One class, 4 weeks$56$45
One half hour class, 4 weeks$30$25
One Train & Chill Workshop $45$40
Unlimited classes 4 weeks$115$90
Unlimited classes 4 weeks with Workshop$145$120
Unlimited classes 3 sessions of 4 classes each$300$250
All Fall Workshops 4$150$130
Unlimited classes for 3 sessions plus All 4 workshops$425$375
Drop-in rate$16$16
half hour drop-in rate$10$8
Practices & Socials$5$5
Private Lesson Single$50
Private Lesson Couple$60
Private Lesson package of 3 single$135
Private Lesson package of 3 couple$150
15 min class is free if you are registered in any other class

We are also available for special events, performances, choreography, classes, workshops and more. please contact us for more information if interested.

We also love to help couples with their first dance at their wedding and offer 3 packages:

The Bronze Wedding Dance Package: $275 for 6 hours of private classes for help with your wedding dance

The Silver Wedding Dance Package: $550 for 12 hours of private classes plus a full choreography for your dance

The Gold Wedding Dance Package: $900 for 20 hours of private classes plus a full choreography for your dance, this package kicks things in high gear, including your own signature dance move

Dance in Schools
I have been going into schools to teach classes and workshops to kids for a few years now. I love teaching dance to kids and introducing them to a new wonderful world of movement. I find it quite rewarding and I love all the smiles I get from the kids. There is a great program called Perform! Which subsidises part of the costs of bringing in a dance teacher in public schools. If you are interested visit: