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Free to Move Class Prices

The Freedom Pass (Best deal for dance lovers)

The Freedom Pass gives you access to all classes and socials for 6 weeks and $20 off workshops for $180 ($150 for students)

 The Fundamentals Freedom Pass gives you access to all Fundamental/all level classes level and all practices and socials for 6 weeks for $150 ($120) for students)

The Freedom Plus Pass gives you access to all classes and dance practices for 6 weeks plus 1 private class for $220 ($190 for students)


Note that the Freedom passes are for a session (6 weeks) and will only be available for sale 2 weeks before a new session of classes starts up to 2 weeks after a session starts and is to be used for the session it is bought for. There will also be a limited amount of passes available, 15 adult passes, 5 students passes and 15 fundamentals passes for each session. Don’t delay, get your today! This is a great deal if you want to take over 2 classes. We are happy to see people getting the pass and progressing so much in a short time!

Price for Regular session of classes

6 Weeks $72 ($12 per class), $60 for students (for 3 week session $36/$30 stud)

Half hour classes $42 ($30 if registered in another class)

Special! Any 2 classes $120/$100 students

Drop-in $15, We accept drop-ins if people already have experience in the material 

Special Body Movement and Styling classes $10

Socials and Practices $5 (for practices $2 for people registered in a class)

Price for Private Classes

$50 per person per hour for a private class (includes the studio rental fee)/$70 for a couple, discounts when booking a minimum of 3

$100 for a small group per hour (travel fees may apply if the you are not in Halifax) we also give discounts on this price for fundraisers to our own discretion)

We are available to teach workshops in your town or city, please contact for pricing


Price for Performance

We are available for performances, either a duo or our full performance group. Contact us for details


Price for the Wedding Dance Package

The Bronze Wedding Dance Package: $275 for 6 hours of private classes for help with your wedding dance

The Silver Wedding Dance Package: $550 for 12 hours of private classes plus a full choreography for your dance

The Gold Wedding Dance Package: $900 for 20 hours of private classes plus a full choreography for your dance, this package kicks things in high gear, including your own signature dance move

The Platinum Wedding Dance Package: Want the total Free to Move experience at your wedding, your own dance, but also a class for your guests, a hot DJ, a performance by our performance group… anything is possible with this package! As this package is meant to be what you want, please contact for quote


Price for Organizing trips to Cuba

We can help you plan every aspect of your trip, especially finding you great dance teachers and dancing spots. As every trip is different, so will be the price, please contact


Price for Organizing Parties

We can entertain, DJ, teach, perform… As every party is different, so will be the price, please contact


Dance in Schools

I have been going into schools to teach classes and workshops to kids for a few years now. I love teaching dance to kids and introducing them to a new wonderful world of movement. I find it quite rewarding and I love all the smiles I get from the kids.

There is a great program called Perform! Which subsidises part of the costs of bringing in a dance teacher in public schools. If you are interested visit: 


*All prices include tax

*At this time only cash and cheques will be accepted for payments.