Class Schedule

We are excited to announce the schedule for November -December 2017, lots of great classes being offered! Typically we have new sessions starting every 6-8 weeks. We accept new student until the second class in each session. You are welcome to drop-in to see if you are interested to take the class. Payment can be done in cash, cheque, or by email transfer or through paypal through this website. If you have paid in advance, please bring proof of purchase.



Note: Classes with a * are suitable for complete beginners, the rest of the classes require basic knowledge of the dance to register.

Note: Tentative classes will run depending on registration, as we have been getting high numbers for Fundamentals (Beginner) salsa classes we are making room for a second class time if needed.

Get excited, classes are starting up again and we have a great line-up for you guys! Classes 5 nights a week for Cuban Salsa, Kizomba, Rueda de Casino, Timba, Tarraxhina, Bachata and Merengue, plus Friday Socials every 1st and 3rd Fridays of every month and practices on Tuesdays and Wednesdays!

Please remember that if you don’t have previous dance experience in the specific dance you will want to register in Fundamentals 1 classes (they are good for complete beginners)

Friday socials as usual 1st and 3rd Friday of every month free class 9-9:30pm and social 9:30pm to 12:30am with 2 dance rooms, one for Salsa and Bachata and one for Kizomba. ($5)

Friday Salsa Train and Chill Practice 6-7pm: Come to dance, practice, ask questions, bring ideas of moves you want to learn or improve… in a learning, social and sharing environment. Salsa music will be on the slower side to enable practicing. ($5/$2 if registered in a salsa class at FTM)

Wednesday Kizomba Train & Chill Practice 9-11pm: Come to dance, practice, ask questions, bring ideas of moves you want to learn or improve… in a learning, social and sharing environment. ($5/$2 if registered in a kizomba class at FTM)

Freedom Pass (access to all classes) $180/$150stud (or Fundamentals only)
Special on 2 classes: $120/$100stud
6 week session: $72/$60 stud
Drop-in $15
Socials $5
Train & Chill Practice $5 ($2 for students registered in a class)
Half hour class $42 (30 if registered in another class)
Privates $50/$70 couples (discounts for booking more than 3)

More info:,, 902-471-6154

What class should I take?

Fundamentals 1 (for beginners)

Learn the basic steps and patterns of a dance that will jumpstart progress. This 6 week session is the first step to becoming a social dancer. No experience required! 

Fundamentals 2 (suitable when switching styles/after Fundamentals 1)

This 6 week session will build on the basic steps and patterns of a dance that will get you ready to


start dancing socially or/and move on to Improver 1. Requirements: Fundamentals 1/previous dance experience.

Improver 1 & 2 (beyond basics)

Learn different patterns and combinations based on the foundation steps and more advanced moves, patterns, combinations and footwork. Both levels cycle through a variety of moves. Expect to stay an average of 6 months in each level. Requirements: Fundamentals 2 level or equivalent

Salsa/Kizomba/Bachata Social

Dance the night away and practice Every Friday (Except on special occasions when there are other Community events)

Note for Rueda de Casino classes previous Salsa experience is required as this is Cuban salsa danced in a circle with other couples, where you switch partners.

Note: Learning to dance isn’t a race so relax and enjoy the process of learning. Learning to dance takes desire, time, and practice. The more you practice, and take classes, the faster you will learn. Everyone is different and everyone will learn at their own speed. The guidelines for taking classes, are just that guidelines, we will give you the opportunity to do more if you practice and learn faster. It’s all up to you!