Free to Move Dance System

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Free to Move Dance System

Welcome to the Free to Move Dance School Dance System, over the years we have developed a system to learn how to dance that works for everyone, to the couple who wants to have a few dance moves to have fun on the dance floor, to the most serious students who want to become great dancers. It’s simple, everyone starts at the beginning with the Foundation 1, 2 & 3 classes where you will learn the foundation of the dance you are learning, a foundation that will give you a good handle on the basics and give you a few moves you can do on the dance floor.

Foundation 1 class to learn the basic steps and then, you can take any of the Foundation 2 classes in any order (we recommend taking all of them if possible before moving on to Foundation 3, but there are a few options that only require some f the Foundation 2 classes) Then you take any of the Foundation 3 classes in any order again and for these we recommend you take each of them more than once before moving on to Improver 1. The overall program is progressive, but each 4 week session focuses on different moves, skills, steps and concepts that are more or less independent from each other. Because be believe that perfect practice makes perfect, we highly recommend considering to take our unlimited passes, which if you get 6 months or more give you a really good deal. Taking more than one class within your level ability, including redoing classes is super useful to you becoming comfortable enough with the material to be able to use it socially and really start having fun dancing.

For the people who want to be more comfortable on the dance floor and have more moves the Improver 1 class gets you to the next level. And if you still want to learn, you go to the Improver 2 class where you will learn more advanced moves. 

So start from the beginning and see how far you want to take it, we will always be there with something new if you want to learn more! Learning how to dance is fun but it also takes time and practice, and we are all different so we learn at a different speed and in different ways. The best way to go is to make it about you, it’s not a contest of a race, and going as fast as possible through all the levels doesn’t mean you will be the best dancer. But your ability to learn faster will really depend on your passion, dedication and practice time. The more you practice and the more you take classes, the faster you will learn. Our dance learning system is really a guideline, if you put more practice in, or learn faster, we will give you the opportunity to do more faster. But being a good dancer isn’t just about having the most moves, it’s about doing them well and having fun, so give yourself a break, and just have fun learning and see where it takes you. All you need to take our classes is a desire to learn, we accept everyone and offer classes for all dance levels and abilities, the rest is up to you!

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