Free to Move Dance System

Welcome to the Free to Move Dance School Dance System, over the years we have developed a system to learn how to dance that works for everyone, to the couple who wants to have a few dance moves to have fun on the dance floor, to the most serious students who want to become great dancers. It’s simple, everyone starts at the beginning with the Fundamentals 1 & 2 classes where you will learn the foundation of the dance you are learning, a foundation that will give you a good handle on the basics and give you a few moves you can do on the dance floor.

For the people who want to be more comfortable on the dance floor and have more moves the Improver 1 class gets you to the next level. And if you still want to learn, you go to the Improver 2 class where you will learn more advanced moves. 

So start from the beginning and see how far you want to take it, we will always be there with something new if you want to learn more! Learning how to dance is fun but it also takes time and practice, and we are all different so we learn at a different speed and in different ways. The best way to go is to make it about you, it’s not a contest of a race, and going as fast as possible through all the levels doesn’t mean you will be the best dancer. But your ability to learn faster will really depend on your passion, dedication and practice time. The more you practice and the more you take classes, the faster you will learn. Our dance learning system is really a guideline, if you put more practice in, or learn faster, we will give you the opportunity to do more faster. But being a good dancer isn’t just about having the most moves, it’s about doing them well and having fun, so give yourself a break, and just have fun learning and see where it takes you. All you need to take our classes is a desire to learn, we accept everyone and offer classes for all dance levels and abilities, the rest is up to you!


Fundamentals 1 & 2 – Where everything starts!

Learn the basics of a dance, it’s your foundation on which you will build if you keep taking classes, the better your foundation the better dancer you will become. No prior dance experience required! If you can get through the fundamentals, then the fun begins and you can start learning combinations. This is two 6 week sessions, in this short time we will get you ready for your first steps on the dance floor with enough moves to dance a whole song, but 12 weeks is not very long, so don’t expect to be an expert, that takes practice and dedication. But we promise that after 12 weeks you will become comfortable with the basics and know enough to start having fun. Be conscious that learning something new takes time, so be patient with yourself and give yourself a chance and take least 6 classes before you decide if it’s for you or not. Now we realize that at this level not everyone will be bitten by the dance bug, and that is OK too, but if you are, welcome to our world, we live for dance and you will see that in our passionate teaching. Once you get through the 12 week program, this is really where things get interesting, the Essentials 1 & 2 levels will truly bring you to the status of being a dancer.

Note: For people who do not feel comfortable starting a dance style right away, have “Coordination/Rhythm” issues or are recovering from illness or an accident, if there is enough interest we teach a dance 101 class, you are also welcome to take a few privates to get the comfort level to take a group class.

Note: We recommend people switching styles (ex: from LA salsa to Cuban salsa) to start with the Fundamentals 2 session before moving on to the Improver 1 level. This will enable you to learn the basic elements that are different in the style so that you do not struggle with certain things in the Improver 1 class. But please contact us, we can test your skills and put you in the appropriate level.


Improver 1 – Where you become a dancer!

The Improver 1 class is where you will learn to use the material learned in the fundamentals class, you will learn different patterns and combinations based on the foundation steps, reinforcing your basics and learning new more advanced steps. This level cycles through a variety of moves, expect to stay an average of 6 months in this level. This level is for people who have taken our Fundamentals 1 & 2 class or have prior dance experience in that specific dance style. All the moves taught at this level use the Fundamentals steps as a base. What you might not realize looking at the dance as an outsider is that the steps you learned in the Fundamental class make up about 80% of the dance overall (even at an advanced level), so there is a lot to learn at this level. What we really teach you at this level is the key to becoming a good dancer and being able to improvise. Once you understand how the dance works and how the basic footwork patterns work together and how they can be used together in different combinations and how you can make them look completely different by changing the arm movement or adding flavour to your footwork, you will start to find the freedom of expression that dance can bring. But of course there are more advanced moves that go outside those patterns, and this is what the Improver 2 class is for, now that you have a really good handle on the basics and how to use them, it’s time to go up a level!

Note: If you have a scheduling conflict please (ex: want to take a Cuban Salsa Fundamentals class, but this session runs on Mondays, which is a day that you work in the evening) let us know we will advise you as the best way to go, we will do our best to keep you learning and having fun.


Improver 2 – Where you become a good dancer!
Ongoing – recommended 1 year

The Improver 2 class will build on what you learn in the Improver 1 class, but expanding to more advanced moves, patterns, combinations and footwork. This level cycles through a variety of moves, expect to stay an average of 6 months in this level. For the people who have taken our Improver 1 class or have a minimum of one year prior dance experience. At this level you have arrived, you are a dancer, comfortable, confident, that has many moves up his sleeve and know his way on the dance floor, this class is for people who want to keep learning and really become a good dancer. At this level we teach you steps that really go beyond the basics with complex footwork and patterns. But it’s not just about learning new combinations, we also refine how to dance between all the turn combinations, to truly make you a well rounded dancer.



Dance 101 – For the dance challenged

Dance 101 is a class specifically designed for non dancers. It is especially good for people who don’t feel ready to take a regular dance class. In this class there are no excuses. We welcome anyone who has 2 left feet, who is too shy, who won’t dance because they don’t know how, who just can’t learn, who have physical challenges, are recovering from illness/injury… all you need for this class (we promise) is the desire to learn. We have endless patience, support, adaptability and are experts at breaking down dance movements and explaining them so that they make sense to even the most clueless students. We will start teaching you dance from the complete beginning and go slow so that no one will get overwhelmed. This is a small class where you will get lots of individual attention, where will will access your needs and give you specific exercises to help you learn and where we promise you will find the inner dancer hiding within yourself as well as give you the base and confidence to take any dance class or be comfortable dancing at any club.


Fun Kids Latin Dance Classes!

A fun dance class filled with games, music and dances from all over Latin America.  From Mambo to the Reggaeton, passing by Salsa and Merengue, this class will introduce your child to a variety of dance movements and cultures in a fun, confidence building and holistic way. Learning to dance is a great way to build confidence, social skills, is great exercise and can be enjoyed and practiced by everyone!


Guided Practice

Come to practice, ask questions, and learn new moves under the guidance of a teacher in a relaxed and fun environment. It’s a great way to enhance any class you are taking by getting extra practice and having someone to ask if you have questions.