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What is Kizomba?


IMG_3490Kizomba is a dance from Angola that is gaining popularity all over the world. It’s a sensual dance, danced in couples and include both linear and circular walking patterns, and hip and body movements. It is sometimes called the African Tango, because of the close embrace and the similar walking patterns to Argentine Tango. Kizomba started in the 1980’s when Zouk music from the Caribbean influenced Angolan music. Many of the Kizomba moves come from traditional Angolan dances, most well known are Semba (which looks a lot like really fast Kizomba) and Kuduro. It’s a dance about connection and fun.


Kizomba Fundamentals 1 & 2

These 2 sessions will introduce you to the wonderful world of Kizomba dancing. Giving you all the skills you need to do your first steps on the dance floor. You will learn the kizomba basic steps (which are the foundation to any good Kizomba dancer), as well as basic walking patterns and how to incorporate body movement and put in some flavour! You will also learn Basic Leading/Following technique as well as your first basic moves as a couple, including: forward and back quarter turns, Pra ka ta, and man and women Saida variations. And of course we will teach you about the rhythm, body movement, musicality, feeling and much more!

Click on the link below for a complete list of the Fundamentals 1 & 2 steps & moves:

Kizomba Fundamentals 1 & 2 Moves List


Kizomba Essentials 1

This class will build on Kizomba basics and bring you to the next level by opening up the frame and focussing on the open position. We will continue working on basic steps learning how to travel with them. You will also learn the more complex variations of Saidas, as well as interesting and exciting combinations, we will learn more variations of passadas and introduce you to tarraxinhas (body movement) as well as start to learn how to play with the speed, rhythm and opening up the frame. And of course a few fun moves… And of course we will teach you about the rhythm, body movement, musicality, feeling and much more!  (We ask students to take classes in this level for about one year before moving on the the Essentials 2 level, but your ability to learn and practice will really determine how long you stay in this level)

Click on the link below for a complete list of the Essentials 1 steps & moves:

Kizomba Essentials 1 Moves List


Kizomba Essentials 2

This class will build on your knowledge of Kizomba truly making you a good Kizomba dancer. We will learn interesting patterns and combinations as well as tricks and dips. We will also be introducing more complex footwork including cheats. And of course we will keep learning about rhythm, body movement, musicality, feeling and much more!


Kizomba Body Movement Flavor

This class will work on body movement for Kizomba, which especially for the ladies will improve the look of your dancing. (men are welcome also) From mastering the Kizomba walk to making body rolls look effortless this class will help you become a more graceful, sensual and exciting Kizomba dancer.