Why learn how to dance?

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Why should you learn how to dance?

Dance is one of those magical things that can improve your life in many ways while your having fun. Sure there is the obvious, taking dance classes will help you become a better, more confident dancer with better balance, coordination, flexibility and posture, all great things to gain. It is also a fun way to exercise, loose weight, get fit and healthy without feeling like you are working hard at it. But it is also a great way to reduce stress, meet new passionate and interesting people, make friends, and socialize in a healthy and positive environment. But research also shows that it is a great way to boost happiness levels and helps with Mental Health, partly because of the release of endorphins, and the connection to the music and other people, dance is more probable to bring you more happiness than regular exercise, as long as you do it for fun and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to learn. Dance is also proven to make you smarter, and freestyle dancing (everything we teach at Free to Move is Freestyle dancing) is also know for reducing the risk of dementia.

We see it everyday teaching dance, it transforms the life of our students in subtle ways, but always in a positive way. Gaining confidence dancing, often extends to having more confidence in yourself in the rest of the aspects of your life. Gaining better posture and coordination helps you look like a better version of yourself even walking down the street. Finding more happiness, learning about yourself and being passionate about learning something new makes people more attractive, happiness is attractive. Trying something new and going outside your comfort zone through dance can help you get the confidence to do the same in your life. But maybe most important of all, finding the freedom in your body, mind and heart to let go and just dance is the greatest feeling of all.

We at Free to Move all have our stories of how dance have been a great positive, healing, amazing force in our lives and we love to share our love for this wonderful art form and we hope dance will do the same for you one day.

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