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Sunday Train & Chill Fall Workshop Series: Tarraxhina/Tarraxa/o

This series of Workshops about Tarraxhina/Tarraxa/Tarraxo and Styling are all connected, but can all be taken separately. They are a great way to gain understanding and to integrate more style and body movements in your kizomba.

From 12-1:30pm: Learn about the origins of body movement in Kizomba and about the flowing movement of it’s sister dance, traditional Tarraxhina in later workshops about the evolution of Tarraxhina in the more urban style of Tarraxa and then the latest style Tarraxo. Including the basic steps body movements and musicality for each style.

1:30-2:30pm: Potluck Lunch break and open question period

2:30-4pm: Basics of leading and following Tarraxhina/Tarraxa/Tarraxo (depending on workshop focus) as well as a pattern with variations.

4-5pm: Social dancing and answering questions

(very basic Kizomba needed to take this workshop)

The last Workshop on Wed Dec 12 will be about giving space and taking your place in the dance with body movement and styling in your kizomba/urban Kiz

More info on all the workshops: http://www.freetomove.ca/classes/schedule/

One Workshop: $45/student $40
All workshops: $150/student $130
(There are also specials if you register for regular classes too, check out prices: http://www.freetomove.ca/classes/prices/

At Happy Soul Dance Studios, 3089 Oxford st, Halifax
Organized by Brigitte Aucoin and Free to Move Dance School

www.freetomove.ca, info@freetomove.ca, 902-471-6154

I was working on the material for the next workshop (Tarraxa on October 21) tonight and I am feeling really good with what I came up with You guys asked for some suspension moves (at least that is what I call them)… well get ready for it, the first half of the workshop will be about suspension energy and moves.

Tarraxa is an interesting yet complex beast of a dance because it’s a transitional style that goes from a departure from Tarraxinha to the creation of Tarraxo (again these terms are not universal… but I decided to use them to differentiate what I am teaching and the different ideas, music and styles)

Tarraxa is an evolution in music as well as rule breaking and taking inspiration from other dances in the dance. I will focus the workshop on 3 main ideas, first suspension energy (creating space and moves relating to that energy) as well as leading from the chest focusing on a variety of body rolls. Last but not least using the floor to lead micro movements and redirections. And of course we will work on musicality, feeling and connection.

Join me on the 21 at noon for an afternoon of rule breaking fun and very serious teaching moments! Don’t forget we break in the middle for a potluck lunch! Minimum of the 5 kizomba basic steps to join this workshop.


Here are the videos and descriptions of the different styles:

Tarraxhina is the original Angolan sister dance to Kizomba that is all flowy hip movements and showing off the follow. It is danced almost on the spot, very focused on isolated hip movements that are quite contained, the music is also more similar to regular traditional kizomba, so still quite flowy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGnE5MzZEYM

Tarraxa is the younger cousin of Tarraxhina and the sister to Urban Kiz. The movements isolations are still for the most part circular and more focused on the hip movements, but bigger movements on a whole with more kizomba basic steps added, so it moves more around the room. The music is also more urban and has more beats to it. It also has many flavors and a wider range as it encompasses all the changes in between Tarraxhina and Tarraxo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWNxmPalKF4

Tarraxo (or Tarraxa Osteo) is a very recent style that developed out of Tarraxa in the last 3 years in response to the evolution of the music with harder beats and bringing influences from different dances. Tarraxo, it uses more isolations and movements coming from the whole body, not just the hips. It also uses more hits with the hips in an up/down motion and moves around the room more. The music is also quite urban and has much harder beats. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7ub0UaQmY4

Hope this helps and hope to see you in the workshops!


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